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  • Kundai Sasha Sunduz

Implementing Effective Digital Communication Strategies for Businesses

Most businesses, if not all, are now online and each of them uses different methods of digital communications. Everything is digitised now, which means the way businesses communicate with their stakeholders has also changed. This new way of communication does come with a risk though. The danger of digital communication channels is that your original message can be completely misread, distorted, or misunderstood as the power of interpretation lies with the receiver. If the receiver is not in a good mood they can misinterpret the meaning of your message.

Benefits of using digital communications

  1. Digital communication helps businesses to communicate better with their stakeholders. “It allows businesses to have access to a global talent pool that can connect across borders, languages, timezones, and generations.” (Taylor Wallace, Co-Founder, WeVue)

  2. Not only is digital communication good for business, but employees are now also expecting to communicate in this manner. Providing access to digital communication tools in the workplace is now essential for building a cohesive and competitive team.

  3. According to The Henley Group International, digital communications also help generate sales leads, retain customers, and handle customer queries. By adding new social media channels into your marketing mix, this extends the reach of existing communications, helping businesses engage deeply and profitably with entirely new audiences by raising brand awareness, establishing credibility and demonstrating leadership.

How to create an effective digital communications strategy

Communication in the digital age has evolved dramatically, and effective communication can be a real game-changer.



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