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SUNDUZ.DESIGN aims to proliferate an influx of creative ideas to help you identify and unlock growth opportunities for your brand or business. Guided by the core of the design process, my work encompasses brand design, experiential design, creative strategy, digital design, and website design. Distinctively construing the needs of every client reflects my conviction that design is systemised problem-solving. 


I'm Kundai, a Certified Digital Marketing Professional and a multidisciplinary Designer with a proven track record and passion for nurturing brands in multiple industries and markets. 


As a professional problem solver, I design and develop experiences that make lives simple through exploring your pain points and providing creative problem-solving solutions. My work encompasses developing creative strategies, crafting brand identities, conceptualising ideas, and systematically exploring growth opportunities that align business goals with customers' needs. 


If you have an idea, a project, or simply looking for ways to make things better, let's connect. 


Award-winning Marketer, 
Designer & 

This award recognises outstanding achievements in marketing, creativity, and innovation across numerous and exceptional projects initiated to build reputable brands. 

MAZ Marketing Awards
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