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  • Kundai Sasha Sunduz

If communication is so critical to leadership and business, why isn’t there enough communication?

Internal communication is simply the way an organisation interacts with its people and how they interact with it. But, is it that simple? Internal communication is one of the most pivotal structures behind an organisation’s success and it should not be taken as extra work. The purpose of internal communication is not telling people what to do but to create a shared understanding and meaning. When this happens employees can work together towards reaching common goals.

Business leaders often fail to understand the purpose of internal communication and how it’s linked to the company’s business goals or they might take little effort to support internal communication initiatives. If communication is so critical to leadership and business, what can you do to improve your internal communication?

The advantages of effective communication for an organisation are innumerable, and any business can do better if the requirement is recognised properly. The secret to improved employee productivity lies in your internal communication strategy.


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