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Vermicomposting is a growing, profitable business with more consumers now clamouring for environmentally-friendly and natural products. Low barriers to entry in this market have increased the number of players producing ‘organic’ compost, thus making it difficult for customers to assess different compost types and quality.


Mufudze is the direct vernacular chiShona term meaning ‘’manure.” However, there is a deeper meaning to the word which means, “to cultivate by labour; to till; hence, to develop by culture.”


The challenge was to come up with a design that blends Mufudze’s ethos and personality into a fun, modern, and accessible brand design. The logomark is a motif of a worm with the letter M combined to create a unique and memorable identity. By itself, the logomark is a useful and universal entry point - a way to speak about the brand, its purpose, and its process. The colour palette is inspired by the elements that make Vermicompost - vegetables, worms, and soil. 


This project also included a website and packaging design. 
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Mufudze Vermicompost

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