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Brand identity design for a personal protective equipment company based in the United Kingdom. 


The COVID-19 pandemic and global trade conditions have increased the demand and sales for PPE in the healthcare and food service industries, creating opportunities for new players to tap into. Erma’s PPE is a manufacturer and supplier of personal protective equipment breaking into the market with new technology and products. 


Inspired by the founders’ story, the new identity for Erma’s PPE features an intricate logo mark with the letters E, P, P, and E, combining seamlessly like a protective shell. The colour palette is inspired by the ideas of reliability, safety, and trust found in colour psychology. The mixture of a professional colour palette with a modern and minimalistic typeface creates a sense of assurance and safety - which is looked for in personal protective equipment. 

Erma's PPE Logo Design.jpg
Erma's PPE Logo Design Case Study.jpg
Erma's PPE Brand Design Case Study.jpg
Erma's PPE Brand ID.jpg
Erma's PPE Brand - Packaging Design.jpg
Erma's PPE Brand Identity.jpg
Erma's PPE Brand Design 2.jpg
Erma's PPE Case Study design.jpg


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