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Billboard Design



Billboard advertising is still an efficient and effective way to reach millions of motorists in Zimbabwe. Volsec Security wanted to strengthen its brand awareness and connect with new customers by putting up two billboards alongside Harare’s busiest roads. 


The brief was to come up with a design that is bold, short and sweet. Volsec Security wanted a design layout that made sure their logo was loud and visible to the motorists speeding past (literally)

Volsec Billboard Case study.jpg

Billboard design is all about visual communication using images and text. For the billboard to be effective, we chose a bright yellow colour, to effortlessly attract eyes to the billboard. To create a much more visual impact, we decided to use two images that summarise Volsec Security’s story. As experts in digital security systems, these images help retain the message better than just using words alone. 

Volsec Billboard Design.jpg
Volsec Billboard Installation
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Billboard Design Installation
Billboard design installation

Great work done and was very happy with the feedback throughout the process.

Tinashe Chisale


Volsec Security


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