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Digital marketing has become just more than a necessity for the Healthcare Industry, with over 90% of people searching for health information online. This has urged healthcare providers like Sondi Care Ltd to invest more in digital marketing. Sondi Care Ltd specialises in the provision of personal healthcare services for the elderly in the UK. Over the years the company has been relying on offline marketing services to reach potential customers and clients. However, they are now looking to strengthen their visibility online to reach and engage with today’s tech-savvy customers. 

website design -

The key objectives for the new website are to grow the business online, generate leads as well as capture data. To meet these objectives, we focused on designing a clean, responsive website that adapts to multiple devices and browsers, making sure content is easy to read and navigate. 


To capture key information, we designed a short, simple contact form with a few required fields for a higher response rate. 

Web design

The whole concept is to design a simple user experience that increases online exposure and generate leads for Sondi Care.

Website Design Call-to-action
Website Design user interface
Sondi Care Website Design

Sunduz.Design are very professional in their approach and they deliver projects according to schedule. They are knowledgeable about web design and web development. I highly recommend them.

Dr. Sibert Mandega


Sondi Care Ltd

Website Design
Website Design


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