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Brand Design Sage Valley



Sage Valley is a producer and supplier of high-quality personal protective sanitisers from Yakima, Washington. 

With the demand for sanitiser products increasing rapidly, Sage Valley wanted a complete brand redesign and to reposition its brand as a high-quality local producer for hand sanitisers. With values centred around high quality, locally produced and affordable pricing - they needed to raise awareness and increase demand for locally produced products.  

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The team at Sage Valley were looking for a clean design that captured an iconic Yakima identity - Sagebrush, Yakima River and Yakima River Canyon. Using the design process approach, analysed all the information and came up with six different variations. Discussing the different options with the team at Sage Valley gave an in-depth analysis which helped in developing the final concept. 

Brand and Logo design
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Sage Valley’s logo is a symbolic representation of the brand’s roots. The design of the logo is centred around the leaf of a sagebrush - a common shrub found in the Intermountain West of North America. The logotype acts as a title font in all other branding and communication pieces. The clean, curved tagline at the bottom is an assurance and a promise to all customers. 

Brand Design
Brand design -
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