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  • Kundai Sasha Sunduz


Current studies state that there are over four billion internet users in 2019 and more than three billion social media users in the world. This means if you want to go to where people are, you need to be active online; making digital marketing more vital than ever before in reaching a larger audience.

From email marketing and social media marketing to branding and strategy, it is now more demanding for business owners to excel at their digital marketing performance while also focusing on growing the business. The most frequently asked question now is: ‘how to get the best digital marketing results without blowing the budget?’ To help spark your marketing team and answer this question, I have curated a list of digital marketing tips inspired by marketers.

Image Source: Unsplash

  1. Understand your customers in detail. Talk to your audience, treat them as you would treat a real friendship. Once you get to know your customer, content ideas and best channels will come straight from your source - your customers.

  2. Identify short and long term successes and keep track on progress. Focus on delight, not short term acquisitions. Digital marketing has short term spikes that can show immediate results which aren’t always consistent. The aim is to grow short term spikes into consistent long term success.

  3. Spend time in positioning your product or service for the targeted consumer segment. After understanding your customer, take the time to identify how to position your value proposition, your brand’s story, and your product/service. A clearly curated brand story can go a long way in terms of traffic growth.

  4. Think content consolidation over content creation. Don’t just write about your products or services. Think of quality over quantity - the objective is to create a unique brand content voice. Organic reach is not dead, it’s just that the bar for the quality of content is now higher and if you promote your best content it has the potential to bring in traffic.

  5. Keep track of your marketing campaigns and brainstorm to optimise it at all levels. If you see that something is working better compared to other campaigns, go back to the drawing board, analyse what you did, and see how you can improve it. The digital audience is always moving and it is key to remain flexible as audience preferences shift. Do not relax just because the campaign is doing well.

  6. Choosing the right channel. Don’t invest in just one channel, try out different channels and types of campaigns. Understand which channels your target audience interact on most and experiment. Using all the channels could be a waste of time and effort.

  7. Don’t invest all the budget on branding. If you invest time in learning and understanding what your target audience is interested in, you can curate brand-related content that aligns with your audience’s interests - helping you express what your brand can offer.

You don’t have to break the bank to get the best performance out of your digital marketing efforts if you refine you digital strategy before implementation.


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