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“MuGarden” is vernacular for “in the garden.”


This brand design is inspired by the various species of herbs, flowers, trees, and vegetables in the garden. When creating MuGarden's identity, we incorporated herbs and vegetables into the design to create an identity that speaks for itself.


The colour palette consists of 99 shades of green which resemble MuGarden's expansive natural ecosystem. For identity, this design exudes a fresh and exciting personality that goes hand-in-hand with its purpose and objectives.

MuGarden Logo Design.jpg
MuGarden Brand Pattern Design.jpg
MuGarden Packaging Design.jpg
MuGarden Clamshell Packaging Design.jpg
MuGarden Brand Label Design.jpg
MuGarden Brand Design_ Spice packaging.jpg
MuGarden Thyme.jpg
MuGarden Brand Design 3.jpg
MuGarden Brand Design 2.jpg
MuGarden Brand Design Mint.jpg


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