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A brand identity design for a company focusing on creating and bringing new levels of excitement to people and events.


Euphoria means a state of intense excitement and happiness. When crafting Euphoria's identity, our main objective was to visually amplify Euphoria's vision with design features that give the audience a taste of what's to come. The logo mark is a combination of a smiley face and two people dancing. The colours and emotions used not only grab attention but also increase the levels of excitement throughout the full identity system, including website design.

Euphoria Logo Design.jpg
Euphoria Logo Design...jpg
Euphoria Brand ID Design.jpg
Euphoria Brand Design.jpg
Euphoria Brand Design 2.jpg
Euphoria Brand Design Case Study 2.jpg
Euphoria Brand Design Case Study 3.jpg
Euphoria Brand Identity Design.jpg
Euphoria Brand Design Case Study 4.jpg


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