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Sond Investments Ltd is a UK-based company that provides bespoke property solutions. Sond Investments specialises in matching buyers, sellers, landlords, and investors with property that is right for them.


The main task of this project was to develop a simple and clear website in a minimalistic style which communicates Sond Investments' approach. When designing for functionality, the website has to be uncluttered, allowing users to focus on the key message and the most important action. 


The landing page has a simple and clear structure with easy-to-identify Call-To-Action buttons in dark blue, gold, and white. Additionally, an 'Insights' tab was created to offer buyers, sellers, landlords, and investors the market knowledge they require to make the right property decisions. 

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Sunduz.Design are very professional in their approach and they deliver projects according to schedule. They are knowledgeable about web design and web development. I highly recommend them.

Dr. Sibert Mandega


Sond Investments Ltd


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