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Brand Identity, Digital Design, Website Design & Development

Oncerun Motors is an Auto Spare Parts supplier and retailer offering an extensive range of motor vehicle spares and accessories. The auto parts industry is one of the most competitive and crowded market spaces to operate in; that is why building a brand is essential for automotive parts retailers. 


To kick off the new decade, Oncerun Motors was looking for a new brand identity, with the objectives to increase visibility and attract new customers. This rebranding project borrows some of its bold features from the previous design. 

Oncerun Motors Logo.jpg

This new design embodies the sporty and modern features found in automotive branding. Operating in such a crowded market required Oncerun Motors to be brighter and different to attract customers. The looping design featured in the wordmark is inspiration from the brand name to shape a continuous road-like stretch, which represents the wide range of products offered. 


Comparison shopping makes a lot of retailers nervous because they aren’t exactly sure what customers are comparing. But, if you already offer good prices and quality service, you just need your brand to articulate all the unique points. The yellow and black colour palette makes the brand brighter, powerful, and full of energy - making it easier for customers to identify and  remember these unique points, especially in a crowded market like this one. 

Oncerun Motors Brand Design.jpg
Oncerun Motors Brand Design 2.jpg
Oncerun Motors Brand Identity .jpg
Oncerun Motors Brand Identity 2.jpg
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For the past years, consumer behaviour has been shifting towards a more digital world, with over 82% of auto parts buyers researching online before making a purchase. To remain competitive, Oncerun Motors wanted to establish an online presence through a simple website that lists all the products they offer. To appeal to customers who haven’t experienced buying auto parts online, we decided to create a shopping list feature that allows customers to send their lists and reserve items for collection. This shortcut is made to increase sales and save customers time to move around different shops looking for products. 

Oncerun Motors Brand Design 3.jpg
Oncerun Motors Website Design.jpg
Oncerun Motors Web Design.jpg
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In the auto spares market, it doesn’t matter what you are selling because you can be assured that other people are selling the same thing. Brand identity is pretty much the only thing that stands clear between you and your competitors. 
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Oncerun Motors Brand Identity
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