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Brand Design


Brand Identity

It is no secret that customers have a lot of options when they are choosing where to grab a cup of coffee or a quick bite. How your space stands out from the crowds will set your coffee shop apart from the rest.

Mr Bean Café’s logo identity is designed to create a meaningful connection between the brand, its vision, and the character in the play (Mr. Bean). This playful design was made by blending the coffee world with Mr Bean - the cartoon character. As a character, Mr Bean is an immature, self-absorbed, and extremely competitive person who brings various abnormal schemes and contrivances to everyday tasks. These characteristics have been mimicked and implemented into the overall brand design. The colour palette is influenced by the different shades of brown found in coffee. Overall, this design blends together the fun, comical characteristics of Mr Bean with the sophisticated flavours and art found in coffee. 

Mr Bean Cafe Logo Design.jpg
Mr Bean Cafe Logo .jpg
Mr Bean Cafe Brand Design.jpg
Mr Bean Cafe Brand Design 2.jpg
Mr Bean Cafe Brand Design 3.jpg
Mr Bean Cafe Case Study 2.jpg
Mr Bean Cafe Brand Design 4.jpg


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