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Gutu Tich is an established contemporary urban African clothing brand that reflects the spirit of Africa. Over the years, the brand has become one of the best-selling and most visible urban brands in Zimbabwe and England. After receiving a growing interest from the rest of the world, including Europe and America, the Gutu Tich brothers were looking to refresh their website design.


During the design process, three key aspects were identified: 


  Architecture - the structure of the website

✓   Design - design a visually impressive website maintaining Gutu Tich’s brand image

✓   Content - relevant Images, videos and information to use

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Colour helps express hierarchy, give meaning and establish brand presence.

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With more and more customers using social media as a guide for making purchasing decisions, the 'Shop Instagram' feature gives website visitors the ability to browse and shop for products as they see them on Gutu Tich’s Instagram page - shortening the customer journey. 

Gutu Tich Web Design Shop Instagram.jpg

Your work rate is exceptional. 

Thoroughly enjoyed the creative experience in addition to the 

professionalism, your  great presentation skills stood out the most.

Simba Tichivangana


Gutu Tich


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