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Fotographia | foto-gra-phia | a picture made using a camera by a photographer.

Over the years, photography has become more than a passion or a profession, thanks to the ubiquitous smartphone cameras. The quality of pictures from phones has revolutionised photography into a habit - the birth of Fotographia. 

Fotographia is a brand essentially made to empower smartphone photographers to explore their passion and ensure that they don’t need a specialised camera to create good photographs. 

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When designing the logo for Fotographia, we took inspiration from the two most important things you need to take a photo, vision and a camera. The primary aspect of photography is vision - the power of observation - which comes from the eye. 


To make a good photograph, you need the right composition and use of light.  Light causes objects in an image to look either warm or cool and this is what inspired the colour palette for Fotographia.

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fotographia brand design case .jpg
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