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Bon Marché Liquor Brand Design 2.jpg

Brand Design


Brand Identity, Digital Design, Spatial Design


Bon Marche is OK Zimbabwe's up-market store brand located in a selected number of suburbs in Harare. With OK Zimbabwe renovating all its stores, including all the Bon Marchés, the up-market brand wanted to bring new perspectives and style to its stores, and this includes a stand-alone liquor store. 


In an era where many small liquor stores are competing against larger retailers, making a great first impression helps build loyal customers. This logo identity embodies a bold design with superior functionality and impressive visual features. The bottle silhouette and the word liquor create a holistic logo identity that is easily recognisable and can be utilised for pictorial illustrations. Borrowing features from the parent logo establishes a modern brand positioning across all stores, ensuring that the brand identity is positively influencing brand equity. 


This project also included liquor store spatial design. The goal was to focus on increasing beverage consumption whilst offering customers a premium experience each time they visit Bon Marché Liquor. 

Bon Marché Liquor Brand Design 3.png
Bon Marché Liquor Brand Design 4.png
Bon Marché Liquor Brand Design 5.png
Bon Marché Liquor Brand Design 6.jpg
Bon Marché Liquor Brand Design 7.jpg


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